11 Best Window Trim Ideas and Designs to Inspire You

Most people tend to underestimate their windows style even though they play huge part in the house. Aside from its function to control the airflow and sunlight, the windows are part of the house’s design too. The type of window trims should match with the home’s other molding in order to create a cohesive look.

The trim is also built to cover the gaps and it can add the decoration on the interior and exterior house. So, you need to pay attention to this detail because your window trim should have the same theme with the whole concept of the house.

White Victorian Window Trim

Victorian Window Trim

This is for the Victorian house owners that want something beautiful for their windows trim. The Victorian trim painted in white to keep everything simple and minimalist. The Victorian style itself is grandeur and you don’t need a lot of craftsman or any other detail for the trim. Show the classic sense with pure simplicity.

Classic Brown Window Trim

Brown Window Trim

Something classic that will always fit with any other interior concept. The brown window trim would bring glam and elegance to your house whether you see it from the inside or the outside. You can use any kind of wood, just cover it with brown thinner that will keep the veining visible and show its natural touch.

Two-tone Window Trim

White Window Trim

It doesn’t matter if you have a very simple window frame style because there is still plenty of room for twist. One of them is using two different colors to create an impressive contrast. For this case, it uses white and green colors that work very fine because it looks chic and simple.

Basement Window Trim Tips

Window Trim Ideas

The basement needs special treatment when it comes about window trim as it is located lower than the ground. Just make it simple yet effective to control the airflow so the basement wouldn’t be too damp. We recommend using white color so you know when it is time to clean and avoid the mess on there.

Affordable Rustic Window Trim

Rustic Window Trim

We know that sometimes when we see something vintage, rustic, and elegant, we would always think ‘that must be expensive.’ Well, it is not true because this rustic window trim is affordable because it uses plain wood, unfurnished, and natural. You can see the veining and its hard texture which adds the value.

Minimalist with Monochrome Window Trim

Window Trim Idea

The white interior always shows its warmth and simplicity. But you can do a beautiful twist on the window by choosing monochrome trim which create stunning contrast. As the result, the plain white interior looks bold thanks to the trim that brings new character. It looks minimalist, aesthetic, and perfect!

Full White Window Trim

Modern Window Trim

Another thing you can do with the white interior is by using the same tone on your window trim. The same white color will deceive the sight as it looks spacious. On a fashion point of view, this technique manages to create the room bigger. Thanks to simplicity!

Wood for Wood Window Trim

Window Trim for Cottages

Wood for wood would work best only if you have wooden wall. In this case, we talk about the cottage which would fit when you decide to use wooden window trim. It will enhance the rustic sense on the cottage and keep the nature closer to you. Make it simple and plain because it is beautiful just the way it is.

Modern Minimalist Window Trim

Minimalist Window Trim

The modern house which has super large window with see-through glass doesn’t need a lot of touch or trim. Make it as simple and minimalist as possible; you can even use the metal window frame which doesn’t show up the molding and steal the attention of the nature in front of you.

Hidden Storage Window Trim

Window Trim

The owner of a small house would be very grateful with this trimming trick. Tell your builder to create a hidden pull-out storage that will give you another space to keep your stuffs arranged. But, this multifunctional window trim works best for large windows that have huge frame.

Bold and Minimalist Window Trim

Minimalist Window Trim

Another floor to ceiling window with glass – you don’t need to think a lot about the trimming actually. Keep it simple and minimalist because the window trim is not the focal point in here. And the purpose of the window trim is just to keep the glass stand on where it supposed to be.


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