13+ Beautiful Window Treatment Ideas and Designs for 2020

Windows are important in every house because they help to manage the air flow that comes and out of the house. Also, windows play a huge part when it comes about saving the electricity. The windows are the medium where the natural light from the sun come inside the house so you don’t need to turn on the lamp during the day.

When it comes about fashion, you can give some treatments to the windows so your interior looks pretty. We have a lot of window treatment ideas that might inspire you so you know what to do to the windows at your house.

DIY Lace Window Treatment

Privacy Windows

If you have craftsmanship skill and you want to test your creativity, the DIY project would be a great way as you can channel your ideas to give treatment for windows. One thing you can do is making DIY lace so you get some privacy.

Rustic Leopard Print Valance

 Window Valance

Valance is another option if you couldn’t mind the perfect Laces for the windows. There are a lot of valance with unique motives that will cover the see through glass windows. We recommend to choose the vintage or rustic motive for your kitchen windows.

Roman Shade Motives Fabric

Roman Shade

Keep in mind that it would be better to choose any materials that have certain motives on there. This one has Roman Shade motives, a simple blue fabric that will cover your windows and give beautiful shade at the same time.

Minimalist Back Tab Curtains

Window treatment ideas

The modern American styled house would fit with this beautiful simple curtain set. The huge windows with grid frame are the focal point on the living room. You can add back tab curtains that have the same color with the walls.

Stencil Plain Shears

best window treatments

The small window in the laundry room also needs treatment to add the beauty. You can choose Stencil Plain Shears with blue leaves motive that incorporate with the walls around. This white tone for the basic still lets the sunlight penetrate the house even though you close it.

Paint Canvas Curtains

Canvas Curtains

There are a lot of curtain options that you can choose as the windows treatment. This one is canvas curtain with painted V-shaped pattern, which wouldn’t block the sunlight thanks to the see-through part that beautify the appearance.

Barn Door Window Treatment

Door Window Treatments

There are a plenty room for your creativity, like this beautiful sliding barn door window that you can open and close easily. It is a unique idea that will blow your mind. Now you kitchen has something out of the box that amaze the guests.

Paint Stick Curtains

Stick Curtains

Something beautiful, unique, and glamour that will change the way you see the windows. The red paint stick curtains are not just treatment for the windows, but also new ways to decorate the interior house. No one would though that it was a window treatment!

DIY No Sew Window Treatment

Sew Window Treatment

This is one of the easiest DIY windows treatment projects that you can do because it doesn’t require sewing technique at all. All you need is just a plain/motive fabric, clip it on the top, and fold it according to your windows frame. Done.

Burlap Shades Window Treatment

Window Treatment

The burlap is a great material because it semi-see through and having it as windows treatment will give you shade from the inside. It also blur the sight from the outside so it can be a privacy screen at the same time.

Beautiful Ruffles Curtains

 Pretty Ruffles

The plain curtains are okay as windows treatment. But if you want something different, choose curtains with ruffles that will adorn frame when it’s fold. The ruffles make it chic, aesthetic, and unique as it seems like 3D floral print.

Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

Blackout Curtains

The rule that you should know is that each room needs different type of curtains. The bedroom needs privacy so we recommend you to choose blackout curtains that will block the view from the outside. On the opposite, the ethnic print looks fancy from the inside.

Modern Vinyl Shade

Vinyl Shade

The drop down vinyl shade is great option if you want a total block. This vinyl is also available in many kinds of printing that you can choose based on your style. The vinyl shade would be great for minimalist interior style.


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