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vertical garden ideas

Some innovations are invented in order to ease people’s lives, while some others to simply make a change. In terms of gardening, an innovation of arranging the plants vertically is counted to be the latter reason, a beautiful one to be exact.

You’re about to see a collection of vertical gardening inspiration which could cause you to fall in love with it.

1. Vertical Garden is Inviting

Vertical Garden Ideas

Ever since technology advanced in rapid speed until we’re in the state how we live today, people find excuses to do activities inside. And that even includes socializing and doing sport.

One effective way to bring back things the way they were is to plant a vertical garden. It invites people to be outside naturally without force.

Its visual appeal improves the aesthetical point of your outdoor atmosphere, especially if it’s arranged by considering character, color, structure, and variety. Arrange a set of seating near the garden and you move the room also all at once.

2. Vertical Garden Could Alternate Art

Could Alternate Art

While it’s nearly impossible to enjoy some pieces of outdoor art for quite a long time because you know, they’re not weatherproof and else, a vertical garden does wonder. Consisted of living things which constantly require light and weather exposure, a vertical garden could stand in the art in terms of beautifying the outside world.

3. Vertical Garden Embellish a Mere Wall

Embellish a Mere Wall

The options of wall décor are now increasing by one in our humble count. Besides artworks, paintings, framed photographs, and up-to-date signs, now count vertical garden in as well. It doesn’t only decorate, but also livens up the plain and softens any rigid material.

4. Vertical Garden Takes The Role of A Living Screen

Role of A Living Screen

You could have all of the privacy you desire even when you’re outside now thanks to vertical garden. By using some supportive system, you could have it taken the role of a screen and place it to seclude the wanted private area.

5. Vertical Garden Saves Floor Space

Garden Saves Floor Space

Limited space is not an excuse to exclude garden in your home plan anymore because you get an alternative for everything. And the alternative option for this matter is none other than a vertical garden. Since it stands and needs space upward, some floor areas aren’t wasted.

By the way, what kind of plants should you have? For the initial move, dwarf varieties are recommended to grow supported over by a trellis. Various types of climbers such as cucumbers, melons, passion fruits, and tomatoes are suitable as well.

6. Vertical Garden Brings The Outside In

Garden Brings The Outside In

An in-house vertical garden could allow you to feel more ‘wild’ while you’re inside. It’s solely on how you arrange it, or rather, on how you set the furnishings.

Place a bathtub in front of the living wall, and you’ll feel as though bathing in the open. Arrange dining set near it, and you’ll feel as if having banquet outdoor.

7. Vertical Garden Freshens Up Cities

vertical garden freshens up cities

When vertical garden works as city greeneries, it freshens up the society and thus boosting the citizens’ mood. It should be on the list of urban planning everywhere by now recalling how many benefits it could give to the civilization.

8. Vertical Garden Maximizes Limited Space

best vertical garden

Departs from the idea of saving some floor space, vertical garden by any means maximizes your limited area. It could be a living wall, a window, a screen, and even expand your garden spot without leaving any useful space behind.

9. Vertical Garden Establishes A Room Outdoor

vertical garden room outdoor

As mentioned above, vertical garden could build a living wall, a door, and even a ceiling as seen in the picture. Regarding that matter, consequently, a vertical garden could establish you a room outdoors. A sample above uses pergola specifically to support the vertical garden and build a room as the final result.

Things to notice, if you consider arranging a set of seating to have an outdoor living room, make sure that the furnishings are made of weatherproof materials. A combination of rattan chairs and leather cushions is the one in question.

10. Vertical Garden Nurtures Healthier Plants

Nurtures Healthier Plants

It is related to vertical garden benefits compared to the usual one. The higher plants are placed, the more they prove air circulation. You’d also be worried about troubles caused by pest and disease. And it could claim freedom from being damaged due to animal digging up the ground garden.

We’ve told you all about vertical gardening inspiration. Now, it’s time for you to start planning. What must you take into consideration is the type of plants, the supporting system, and whether it’s in-house or not. Make sure you have patience intact all the time because growing things would never easy. Final words, happy vertical gardening!


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