11 Small Walk in Closet Ideas and Organizer Designs

small walk in closet ideas

The walk in closet is one of the most crucial parts for the house. This is where you keep all the clothes and pants neat so you need plenty of room to ensure that all the stuff arranged. But sometimes we have limited space so whether we want it or not, we have to deal with the situation.

Fortunately, small walk in closet ideas will help you to arrange and choose the right design that keeps it accessible and fashionable. Make sure you take a look one of these styles and apply it to your small walk in closet. Only with this way you will be satisfied even though you don’t have a giant walk in closet.

Bring More Colors!

walk in wardrobe

Color plays huge parts in our life because it will deceive our sight. The tiny walk in closet would look different when you choose the right tone. Be bold and don’t hesitate to choose colorful paint to decorate each cabinet.

New Wallpaper and Old Potrait

 Incorporate wallpaper

When the colorful cabinet is not enough, you can decorate the wall inside it by choosing new wallpaper. The wallpaper will add the festiveness and its brightness. Also, you can hang the old black and white portrait of yourself in a silver frame. That is the small detail will adorn the area.

Organize and Keep It Neat

walk in closet ideas

Sometimes we forget that it is not the design that makes the small walk in closet look dull, but how we organize the things that create messy situation. We have to commit about how we organize things in the walking closet considering that we have limited space on there.

Add Storage

Clothes hanging

Other than the closet, we need to maximize the stuffs on there. You can add a small storage that has stacked drawers where you can fold your clothes and put them inside. Keep everything organize and accessible so you won’t create a mess every time you put or take the clothes.

Use Huge Mirrors

small walk in closet ideas

The most common trick to deceive our sight on a small room is by using a huge mirror that will reflect the lights and the wall. The mirror on this picture has the same height as the wall as it is floor to ceiling standing mirror. You can install it horizontally if you have a low ceiling.

Add Lighting Fixtures

Walk in closet ideas

We need to pay attention to the detail when it comes about arranging the small walk in closet. When everything is on the right place, we can add lighting fixtures that will give shading to the closet. The task lighting also adds the charm and gives glamour look when the main light is turned off.

Install Washer and Dryer

Washing machine

This one is suitable for those who live in a tiny apartment. We need to be smart by maximizing every space that left; in this case we add the washing machine and dryer on the walk in closet. I think this is a great way because everything is in one place.

Space for Accessories

space for accessories

Keep in mind that having small walk in closet means that you don’t get the privilege to put everything on there. Instead, you can make priority of things that you can keep on there. We recommend to build shelf where you can put and keep all the accessories boxes.

Divide the Closet Space

wardrobe shelving and storage

Yep, arrangement is the key in organizing the small walk in closet. You need to divide each part so you know where you put the accessories, shoes, clothes, or any other stuff. And make sure you put your stuff according to the category to make you easier to organize the whole items.

Choose the Focal Point

best walk in closet

Who said that small walk in closet always makes you frustrated every time you go inside? You won’t experience this kind of thing again as long as you keep everything separated. Choose the focal point where you put your shoes, for example. Meanwhile the clothes are on the both sides to keep everything is in range.

Add Vanity Table

vintage style dressing

Since you don’t have enough space for the vanity mirror, you can bring it inside the walk in closet. Now you have a multitasking area where you can pamper yourself before you start the day.


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