12 Small Deck Ideas to Revamp Your Dwell

creative small deck ideas

Deck is the part of a house that commonly receives the least attention. Many homeowners tend to spend their money for living room, bedroom, or kitchen. But if you don’t belong to that group of people and decide to revamp the deck, there are plenty of small deck ideas to adopt.

Small space should not discourage you to improve the deck with beautiful design ideas. As with any other section in the house, you can bring in some styles and concept to make it more meaningful. Check out the inspiring deck ideas below!

1. The Simple Open Deck Idea

Open Deck Idea

This open-style deck idea borrows the beauty of natural concept. Wood base deck combined with wooden furniture provides you with warm atmosphere to enjoy the afternoon. Thanks to wooden pallet round coffee table that allows you to put a cup of tea or drink securely while having conversation with friends or relatives. The big tree next to the deck enables you to enjoy outdoor atmosphere under the shade.

2. High-rise Small Deck Ideas

Small Deck Ideas

The small deck in an urban city looks inspiring with rustic style. It comes with a small bench, stripe rugs and cushions that allow you to enjoy the cityscape day and night. Put a lantern on the floor to add dramatic effect at night. Flower planters in various sizes provide natural touch, aside from giving more colors to the deck.

3. White-earthy Color Small Deck Designs

Color Small Deck Designs

This deck idea is a perfect choice for your farmhouse style. Thanks to off-white bench with cushions that blends nicely with jute rug and distressed coffee table. Adopting an open concept, you can enjoy summer breeze or chilly weather while sipping a cup of tea.

4. One Way Balcony Small Deck Ideas

Balcony Small Deck Ideas

Add some freshness to your small deck by putting small flower planters and greeneries on the floor. This one way balcony idea is great if you want to enjoy afternoon tea while looking around. Put a set of white-painted iron chair and table to make your deck a cozy place to kill the time.

5. Bold Colored Townhouse Small Deck ideas

Small Deck Ideas

This townhouse deck idea can improve the value of your living space. Coming with cozy armchairs in bold color and matching table, it is a simple balcony solution. Its bold red color blends well with hardwood deck flooring. You can also add a bench and a table, especially if you want to host a garden party in the backyard.

6. Small Spaced Deck Ideas

Deck Ideas

Get some flair of French style to your deck! The following small deck ideas look inspiring with padded bench and white round coffee table with decorative style. The combination of subtle colors helps reveal your personal character. To add aesthetic touch to the deck, you can opt candle lantern with unique style. Live plants are all you need to get a refreshing sensation.

7. Ideal Small Deck Styles

Deck Styles

Pergola can be a great addition to your deck, especially if you have a townhouse. The wooden trellises provide not only function but also aesthetic touch to the area. Locate a set of outdoor chairs and table that bring in convenience when enjoying outdoor view. A wooden swing will make your deck a perfect spot to unwind.

8. Contemporary Small Deck Ideas

Small Deck Ideas

Your contemporary house deserves this small deck idea. Wrought iron table that comes together with black bench and fences accentuate the contemporary style that you adopt. To complement the deck decoration, place a monochrome area rug and white cushions. The refreshing color of real plants brings a contrasting yet natural look to the deck.

9. Small Deck Barrier Ideas

Barrier Ideas

If you need some privacy while enjoying the summer breeze in the backyard deck, this design idea is worth your thought. Wooden barrier prevents curious eyes from your private space. Made from wood pallet, it is quite easy to make a DIY deck barrier.

10. Small Deck Storage Space Ideas

Storage Space Ideas

Creativity is highly required if you have a small space. The deck idea above the storage provides you with more function without taking up space on the ground. Adopting traditional look, this deck idea is equipped with iron chairs and table that are durable during extreme weather. Reclaimed wood fence keeps you and your family secure.

11. The African Design

African design

Feel the sensation of living in Africa with this deck idea. Adopting open style, you can opt wicker armchairs and wooden coffee table to furnish the deck. It is good choice if you don’t have much time for maintenance as both materials are sturdy and durable. Red cushions offer a dashing and contrasting look to the deck.

12. Open Small Deck Ideas

Small Deck Ideas

The following small deck ideas work best for your guesthouse. An open deck allows you to enjoy fresh air, not to mention the portable Jacuzzi that keeps your body comfortable during a hot summer. Outdoor chairs and table promote your convenience while having conversation or waiting for the barbecue.


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