13 Simple Basement Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

basement remodeling ideas

The unused basement tends to be a horrible place where the unwanted items flood on the floor. Not to mention the low-quality air because it doesn’t get enough light day by day. Instead of let the basement unused, you can try to remodel the basement and use it for different purpose, such as additional living room, new bedroom, playroom for kids, or just a new space to hang out.

All you need to do is following these basement remodeling ideas that will help you to transform the unused basement into a new place that gives you comfort and brings you joy. Only with this way you can get extra space in the house like never before!

Basement Flooring Ideas

Basement Remodeling Ideas

The first thing you need to do is thinking about what the flooring would look like. The flooring is crucial as it provides comfort to step and make sure it is not slippery. Therefore, the flooring needs to be planned thoroughly.

Integrated Home Extension

Home Extension

If you have no idea what the new basement would be, you can make it into a new integrated room that connects with others. You can use the basement as a small gym with transparent glass so it looks like there are no boundaries on there.

Paint for Purpose

 The Power Of Paint

Keep in mind that the color you choose for remodeling the basement is very important. Make sure you choose the color that fits with the purpose of the room. Grey is suitable color for the bedroom because it gives calm and peaceful ambience.

Basement Small Kitchen

Let’s Get Cooking

This one is suitable for those who have limited space at home, especially for the women. The small kitchen on the basement would be very nice for them as now they have special room to express themselves through cooking.

Open-space Basement Ideas

Open and Spacious Room

You are lucky if you have a very large basement. Don’t put a lot of room divider that will make the basement looks narrow and cramp. Instead, choose open space concept that will give you more space to do chores.

Music Room with Stage

Music Room Ideas

The musician family would love this idea because now they have a special place where they can express their feelings. The music room with stage would be a new favorite spot for them. Just make sure you build a great noise-cancelling system.

Elegant Home Office

Home Office

A tranquil and supportive environment needs for every home office. This elegant and neat-setting personal home office in the basement will boost your productivity because no one can disturb you during the work time.

Hang Out Spot for the Whole Family

Hang-Out Spot

As what we mentioned before, the basement could be a new favorite spot to hang out with the whole family. Make it open-space and multifunction so everybody can use this spot for their personal purposes. Use colorful painting to create festive ambience.

A Room for All

Room for All

Room for all sounds a great idea because you can use it as living room, music room, or even the dining room. No partition, no-fuss, just spacious space where everybody can get comfortable and busy with their errands at the same time.

Basement Lighting Fixture

Stunning Transformation

You can make a stunning transformation on the basement by making it into a luxurious mini bar. The lighting fixtures play important role on this area because it manages to highlight the spot brightly.

Art and Crafts Studio

Art and Craft Studio

The kids would love the new space on the basement since you transform it into Arts and Crafts Studio. You need to provide comfortable and supportive space with a set of table and chair, shelf, and also wall to showcase their work of arts.

Master Bedroom for Guest

Guest Space

The basement can be a life-saver during the family visit because now you have proper and comfortable space for the guest that visit during the Christmas holiday. Turn your old basement into master bedroom – complete with the fire pit and bookshelf.

Safe Playroom for Kids

Multitasking Space for Kids

The basement would be the safest spot for kids to play every day. Now you don’t have to worry because the kids have their own space to channel their creativity. They are safe under the basement and they have a comfortable and supportive environment to play the whole day.


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