11 Facts about Shower Room Ideas You’ll Need to Know

shower room ideas

There are ways to have a new shower room or to feel like you have one precisely, without making huge changes here and there. Surprising much, no? We call them facts about shower room ideas you don’t know of.

And what are they, by the way? Check them out yourself on the following list below!

1. Add a Little Bling

add a Little Bling

Accents are not merely there because of their functions and you need them. They could double as decoration and thus uplift the total appearance score. One of the ways is to make them bling and highlight the main elements within the shower room.

2. Use Marble for Elegance

use Marble

To have drastic change using marble, you don’t need to install it exactly imitating the example in the picture. The best effect is indeed produced by large-scale tile application, yet marble could gain you elegance only from a little bit of exertion. So, be it.

Besides, no matter how big the usage scale is, marble still performs the same benefits everywhere. It is durable worth the price for the look it resulted and comes with a wide range of options to choose from.

3. Pick a Cool Pattern

cool Pattern

Among the plain ceiling and usual walls, the flooring must appear one level differently in order to get rid of the possible flatness. It is because of the white color selection to be the main tone that makes a bathroom seems overly normal. You wouldn’t want it, would you? So, make a pattern to your floorings.

4. Do Graffiti Art

Graffiti art

Don’t think that graffiti is a part of vandalism. Okay, maybe for some country it is. But having the shower room wall graphitized is practicing art, you see. And it’s time for you to set up a trend.

5. Choose Black for Dramatic Look

Dramatic look

Though black is one deep strong hue, it somewhat cools down the atmosphere also. So having it colored the main elements of your bathroom would be more than a fine idea. It would welcome you calmly and soothingly at the end of the tiring day. Fatigue gone, guaranteed.

While we’re at it, black also helps you in highlighting specific features, if there’s any, without worrying about the fingerprint and watermarks getting in the way.

6. Combine Dark and Light Tones

Combine Dark and Light

While the dark tone is intimidating, light shade is boring. Hence, combining the two would get rid of the negative sides they both own. Where to apply the two tones don’t matter as long as the ratio is even.

7. Grey Brick Tiles Instead of White

Grey Brick Tiles

Grey subway tiles are pretty interesting to color the walls of your shower room. It is rarely found because people normally tend to pick white as such tone is easier to combine with any style and other colors.

However, grey is more than okay to be the main nuance. Besides counted neutral and therefore blend well with other palettes, grey also has the ability to soothe. Mind it for sure.

8. Use Recessed Shelf

Recessed Shelf

The goal is to optimize every nook and cranny possible within your shower room, including making recessed shelf such as this one to hold all of the toiletries without demanding extra space. It also eases you to reach everything you need.

9. Build A Seat

Build A Seat

The problem with using a shower room without bathtub is that you have to stand for quite a long time during the moment inside, whereas you need to sit or perhaps squat down to do the cleaning business.

This is where a bench appears to be required. It works wonderfully, too, on one of those days when you are too tired to take a bath while standing.

10. Take Advantage of Small Corner

small corner

The idea is to make sure no corner stands idle at any rate, including ‘hiding’ the shower room behind the door. It works magically for limited bathroom space.

However, please do notice of whether there’s still a gap between the door and the shower room when it’s wide open. You would want to avoid any clash between the two of them, wouldn’t you?

11. Install Mosaic Tiles to Have Hotel Style

Mosaic tiles

This idea is suitably applied in narrow bathrooms. To make it looks a little bit spacious; you should create some focal point at the far another end. Mosaic tiles are used in this bathroom case.

Look at the picture and imagine if the said walls are bare. What do you see? We bet it’s something cramped and nothing fascinating whatsoever happens in any way.

Also, support the effort by aligning the bathroom elements. For example, position the basin, toilet and the shower in one side rather than to have them facing one another.

So now, playing with accents, tiles, walls, and colors, as well as making use every bathroom elements to the fullest are more than enough to generate something new within your shower room, right? With minimizing effort, some cash is saved. How beautiful life is. And that’s how these shower room ideas benefit you. Cheers to that!


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