12+ Makeup Room Ideas You Should Have at Home

best makeup room ideas

Decorating a makeup room can be overwhelming. Not only should it boost your mood, but it should also accommodate your morning or night routine. Despite a bunch of makeup room ideas are available out there, only few of them are good for your space.

When it comes to decorating makeup room, there are several aspects to consider. This includes lighting, arrangement, storage, and furniture choice. Are you looking for the best concept and style to redecorate the makeup room? Steal some inspirations from the following makeup room decoration ideas and enjoy your makeup routine!

1. Romantic Makeup Room Ideas


Teenagers love something romantic and this room idea is all you need to cheer them up. Adopting romantic style, this makeup room comes with ambient lighting to set the mood. Thanks to string lighting that creates a dramatic touch as well as dreamy nuance to the room. Be sure to keep the mirror well-lighted for the best makeup result.

2. Modern & Retro

Modern & Retro

The combination of modern and retro style results in a unique, fascinating makeup room idea. Attach a wood-framed round mirror over a thin makeup table with modern look. A white makeup table that comes with double drawers keep your table surface clean and well-organized. To add more convenience, find a bench with similar style.

3. Do It Yourself Lighted Mirror

Lighted Mirror

Lighted mirror gives you a nice experience of putting makeup. You don’t need to buy a new mirror as a DIY project can give you all. In addition to lighted mirror, putting a drawer near your makeup table is necessary to keep everything within your reach. Its white color scheme suits best for modern or minimalist bedroom style.

4. Drawers-A-Plenty


If you have a lot of accessories and makeup sets, you may need plenty of drawers to keep everything out of sight. The white drawers help you secure the stuff while keeping your room neat. Aside from opting makeup table with drawers, standing drawers can give you a lot of help.

5. Shelving Units

Shelving Units

Installing a shelving unit to the makeup room is a bright idea to keep everything in place. You can store bag collections, perfume, or other collectibles. Large shelving enables you to store things in various sizes. But you need to remember that open shelving can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know how to keep it organized.

6. Simple Elegance

Simple Elegance

If you love simplicity, white makeup room ideas are worth your thought. You can simply arrange the makeup sets on the table with acrylic organizers. This organizer offers you a storage solution without taking up much space on the table. A decorative table lamp helps you with wearing the makeup.

7. Repurpose Antiques

Repurpose Antique

Upcycled furniture looks great for your makeup room. Distressed wood vanity can be a great complement to evoke a nice antique nuance. Don’t forget the mirror with similar style to accentuate the old-school appearance. This makeup room idea works best for rustic or classic bedroom design.

8. Girly Pink Makeup Room


For your girly character, a makeup room with fur rug and pink chair looks cute. White table combined with gold-rimmed round mirror emphasizes your feminine side. A thin makeup table with double drawers help keep your accessories while tabletop vase adds a decorative touch to the space. Locate your makeup table near the window in order to receive sufficient light during the day.

9. Simple Makeup Room Ideas


White reflects simplicity. To make your makeup room simple, white table and chair is all you need to have. A lighted mirror enables you to apply excellent makeup without too much effort. If needed, you can also use a table round mirror for detail application. Keep your table clean and organized with acrylic makeup racks.

10. Cozy White Makeup Room Ideas


If you love to spend time in front of mirror, this cozy room idea offers you a solution. Lighted mirror that comes together with white vanity and fur chair promotes your coziness. A standing wall shelving idea allows you to organize makeup sets and tools for a clean appearance.

11. DIY Vanity

DIY Vanity

For your upcoming project, DIY vanity sounds interesting! Revamp your makeup room with DIY white vanity to complement cozy white chair and modern lighted mirror. A simple white vanity emphasizes the modern nuance that you adopt.

12. Fancy DIY Shelving

DIY Shelving

Teenagers should take this makeup room inspiration into account! Fancy makeup room idea is equipped with floral vanity table and collection pots. This inspiration is suitable for your cheerful bedroom. To keep your makeup tools organized, use a storage or organizer that comes with similar nuance.

13. Black and White Makeup Room Ideas


Simple monochrome makeup room ideas meet your mature character. Floating shelf that complements the black chair replaces makeup vanity to help you save the space. Black-rimmed round mirror matches perfectly with the entire concept. This idea is suitable for your small bedroom.


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