11+ Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas To Define Your Curb Appeal

frontyard landscaping ideas

The front yard is where you first greet your guest, unless. It’s not with ‘hello’ verbally, but more with the state of your front yard landscape. Regarding the matter, how it appears becomes a significant fact for you.

And that’s why this article is written. Not less than 11 front yard landscaping ideas will be presented before your eyes. Check what they are below!

1. Display the Greens

Display Greens

Greens represent freshness and sound environment. Thus, displaying some greens in front of your house is like showing to everybody how safe and sound your private living area.

Besides, no one could really tell it’s a yard if no greens are around, couldn’t they? Since green has become the usual sight and trademark. Such colored plants are also the best to emphasize the color of the main flowers.

2. Showcase Colorful Succulents


Colorful flowers are often hard to grow. Plus, you must mind their growing season of the year. As alternatives to have your front yard colored beautifully, succulents are recommended. They come in various colors, always bloom regardless of the season, and quite easy to nurture.

3. Maximize Corner Spot

Maximize Corner spot

To have the best landscape, you shouldn’t let any space lies idle and unoccupied. Every nook and cranny must be under your attention, including corner spots. Trees are worth seeing at the corner. They have this ability to shade any plants below them and create the shady effect. It’s appealing to see from afar.

4. Fill in The Grass Perfectly

the grass perfectly

Do you know that grass should come last when it comes to front yard landscaping? After assuring all the plants you desire are planted nicely with all the supporting elements such as mulch and garden edging, grass finally takes a turn. It is because you must not leave any land surface unplanted and it’s a job for grass to take.

5. Display Various Stones

Display Various

Flowers, bushes, trees, and leaves under the category of plants are not the only ones which could decorate your front yard. Stones, rocks, and pebbles of all sorts must be on view, also, because that’s how nature is. And by the look at how rapid technology is advanced now, you could get colorful rocks to be demand.

6. Contrast with Azalea

with Azalea

They say too much of something is not good at any rate. The same applied in landscaping; too many greens won’t do you any favor for the sake of your front yard beauty and harmony.

Consider planting azaleas among the green bushes and grass to get some gorgeous contrast. It is said before, isn’t it, that greens benefit you in highlighting the colored flowers.

7. Use Red Mulch

Use Red Mulch

Apparently, mulch comes in three basic colors of black, brown, and red. We often see black and brown mulch embellishing people’s front yards. It is to no one’s wonder since the two are the safest bet in terms of price. However, choose red mulch instead of attractions. It makes the greens pop out more.

8. Big Bromeliad for the Landscape

 the Landscape

Big plants, such as big bromeliad, have their own benefits. Firstly, it draws people’s attention and that’s good to cover a minor flaw in your front yard garden. And second, it creates the effect of bigger space and thus suitable to have in the small yard.

9. Creative Garden Edging

Creative Garden Ideas

Another important element to mind is garden edging. There are a lot of ways and materials you could use to border the garden. They include concrete, bricks, metal, steel panels, gabion wall, stones, wood, a combination of two materials, like stones and bricks, and more.

Challenge yourself and get creative in planning the edging for the sake of great landscape.

10. Optimize Small Space

Small Space frontyard

Don’t worry even if you don’t have a plot of land to count as a front yard. Small porch or terrace could do similar wonder as your neighbor’s yard if arranged well. For example, place potted plants at the sides of your front door to welcome the guest. Use some rather large pots so that more than one type of plant could fit in there.

11. Utilize Plant Boxes

Utilize Plant Boxes

If you’re into growing edible plants rather than decorative ones, plant boxes are beneficial for you. Take a look at the picture for an extraordinary example of landscaping front yard using boxes. It has everything there, from vines to bushes.

The interesting part is no grass involved. They use pebbles instead. Well, it is no wonder, though. With edible plants being planted which required a lot of visitors from the seeding until harvesting period, you need to come back and forth several times. It is, of course, better to have pebbles as pathways.

Well, that’s a wrap. Final words, it’s not that you have to do all of those front yard landscaping ideas above. Do what’s suitable for your front yard and leave the undoable parts. Start from the easiest and make sure you’re not out of breath striving for the best outcome. Don’t fail to plan the irrigation system also, dear readers.


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