13 Easy and Inviting DIY Fire Pit Ideas for Your Backyard

DIY fire pit ideas

It’s definitely not a rocket science to build a nice gathering spot based on DIY fire pit ideas on your backyard. A fire pit usually has 3 to 4 rows of bricks. A different type of a fire pit may require different materials as well. If a fire pit is built correctly in the right place, it can certainly be the focal point in your yard.

A fire pit can be a budget-friendly and easy-built stuff that you can build one within a couple of hours or even shorter depending on the shape you are going to build. When you are about to make a fire pit, safety will always be the first thing you should take into consideration.

I suggest you choose a place that is relatively far from dry brushes, low-hanging trees and some other flammable stuff. That’s critical because fire woods may snap out and spark in the air which means it can trigger a fire that could burn burn anything around.

Please keep in mind that choosing the appropriate materials for a fire pit is also important. There are plenty of different tutorials on how to build fire pits you can cushily find on the internet. You can follow those steps and instructions to build a simple and functional DIY fire pit.

Fear not, they are easy to conduct. All you need to do is drive a stick to the ground. Mark the place that you are going to make as a fire pit location with marking paint tied to the stick to draw a circle.

Or you can simply put some bricks or wall blocks first to make a circle or a square shape. And then mark with a shovel. Remove the bricks and then shovel or dig out the marked area to an adequate depth.

Be sure to make the base ground even. Lay and arrange the first course properly and you can use a spirit level to even them or rubber hummer by taping them down to set things out.

For the second row, it’d be a good idea if you stagger the join between rows , so it won’t easily shift or fall apart. Pour some lava rocks or pebble rocks for drainage into it.

You can glue the bricks with construction adhesive if needed. Let it dry until tomorrow before it’s ready to be used. Adding some chairs around the fire pit would be perfect.

I feel like something’s missing if I don’t show you the actual pictures of some inviting fire pits here. Be inspired! Here we go.

1. Durable and Amazing Stacked Stone Fire Pit Accompanied by The Same Stacked Stone Benches

Stone Fire pit

2. A Classic Stacked Stones Fire Pit Perfectly Built with Striking View

fire pit Perfectly Built

4. A Tiny Fire Pit in The Center of a Stone Patio Surrounded with Chairs Along with A Peaceful Lake

tiny fire pit

5. A Simple and Functional Fire Pit that Creates Warm Ambience

simple fire pit

6. Very Straighforward And Natural Fire Pit Along With Logs To Sit Around

natural fire pit

7. Creating a Pleasant Look by Having Upcycled Vessel and Installing Logs for Seating

seating with fire pit

8. What a Lovely Patio Fire Pit

lovely fire pit

9. Stunning Patio Fire Pit, Lovely Wooden Chairs and Warm Flame

stunning patio fire pit

10. A Simple Yet Tempting Fire Pit with Peble Stones Floor

backyard patio design

11. Who’s Not Going to Love This Circle Fire Pit? – It’s So Inviting, Isn’t It?

Circle Fire Pit ideas

12. Stacked Stone Fire Pit That Absolutely Gives an Enticing Appearance

absolute fire pit

13. Small Fire Pit with Some Lovely White Chairs

small fire pit ideas

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