9+ Easy DIY Cat Toys You Can Make for Your Kitty TODAY!

diy cat toys

Cats are surely one’s cute little company. Their appearance themselves are entertaining, let alone the funny behavior they act with. Well, allow them to amuse you more with these 9 DIY cat toys.

You see, though pet shops have some available for purchase, the best is absolutely handmade. So, go check the list below!

1. Ring Ball Out of Toilet Paper

Ring Ball Out

You could kill two birds with one stone, oh, pardon the diction ‘kill’, with this one craft. Not only getting some toy for your cat to play with, but also reducing waste of tissue paper roll. Practicing zero waste is in trend nowadays and it’s great to participate in this campaign.

The other tool you need is scissors. If you want to entertain your cat with some snack, then consider fill in the ring ball with its favorite treats.

2. Cat Playhouse from Cardboard

Cat Playhouse

A cat playhouse doesn’t have to be expensive. The one handmade out of cardboard is so far the best playhouse. You’re going to need a bone folder, hot glue gun, pencil, ruler, self-healing mat, some sturdy cardboard boxes, a utility knife or razor blade, and window and door templates.

Take notice that it would probably get a little tricky since it uses the glue gun and else, but believe us it is worth your effort. Also, it is, of course, optional but for the fun part, you could get the final result painted in your favorite color.

3. Feather Cat Toy

Feather Cat Toy

Look how colorful these feather toys are! They surely are eye-catching. And the fact that a bell is tagged along in each pair doubles the fun. Besides the felt in various colors and bells, you also require cat toy template, iron, satin cord, and scissors.

Trace the template onto the felt. Make sure you have two different sizes of every pair. After that, press them with iron, tag the bell, and slip end the satin cord before lastly, you get to see your cats running around chasing the feathers.

4. Menswear Mouse Toy

mouse toys

This cute little cat toy will cost you almost nothing since the main supply needed is menswear fabrics and your sewing skill. No specific kind of fabric is demanded; you could choose any kind you like or simply use anything available.

The other requirements are embroidery floss and needle, fill, fusible webbing, iron, loop turner, mouse template, and sewing machine and tools. Print and cut the template, stitch, stuff, and do more stitches are the only things you need to complete. It’s simple!

5. Felt Emoji Cat Toys

Felt Emoji Cat

For this crafty and inexpensive project, you’ll need patterns of emoji. Print out the smiley and heart ones for your furry little friends’ sake. Other supplies you should gather are felt in related colors, embroidery floss, sewing tools, and catnip to be the filling.

After printing out, cut the patterns and trace them on the felt. Do some stitch works and fill in the inside part, then they’re done. It’s very easy, isn’t it?

6. Sock Fish Cat Toy

Fish Cat Toy

If you’re in the middle of looking for some quick DIY cat toys, this sock fish is surely one. Not only quick, but it’s also very simple and cost you really nothing. You just need to find socks you don’t need anymore, some things to fill in your socks, and a permanent marker to draw the eyes.

To stuff the socks, some stiff papers that come out from a pair of newly bought shoes are preferable. Or else, any kind of stuff that produces noise is better for the sake of your cat’s fun rather than a soft soundless piece such as cotton balls.

7. Pom-Poms Cat Toy

Pom-Poms Cat

This will be another simple project of giving a new toy to your cat. Prepare a tissue paper roll and hot glue some spots on its surface. Before the glue dries, attach pom-poms onto it and let the pack sit for a while. Only after then, it’s ready to be played.

8. Cat Puzzle

Puzzle cat

If you don’t have a lot of time to play with your cats but still want to get them entertained, this cat puzzle is a recommended game. It attracts your furry friends and thus allows them to have fun by themselves.

To make one, you need to gather food containers, knife, lighter, marker, rubbing alcohol, scissors, small rubber adhesive casters, some toys, and treats.

9. Cat Rattling Toy

Cat Rattling Toy

Your last DIY cat toy will be this rattling one. This is a super easy project as you only need to make holes onto a plastic bottle and fill in with your cats’ favorite treats. It will be so much entertaining to watch your cats chasing after their beloved smell and feeding themselves with it.

And it’s a wrap. It is time for you to get up and gather the supplies you need to execute those DIY cat toys ideas. As all nine of them are pretty easy to create, you probably could finish them this very day. Happy crafting!


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