13+ Exceptional Bonus Room Ideas of All Time

bonus room ideas

Home sweet home, that’s what always people say. It is true because home is where we can share the joys and laughs with the whole family members. Also, it is the place where everyone has their favorite spot. The kids would love to spend their evening in the bedroom, while the wife likes to cook in the kitchen. Dad is flexible as he can use any rooms to run his errands.

And if you have bonus room, we have a lot of ideas to implement the bonus room ideas so you know what to do with that extra room. Let’s take a look at the following pictures!

Bonus Room in the Attic for Kids

Bonus Room Ideas

The attic would be the best spot for kids to play around. This is a safe place because they have special place to do whatever they want. You have to make sure that the space is comfortable and wide enough.

Lavish Living Room and Small Library Over Garage

Small Library Over Garage

Actually, you can take advantage of your garage and makeover as the bonus room. Now you can turn it into a lavish living room with small library, small home office, and a place where you can store collectible items.

Small Home Office

Homework room

When the bonus room on the second floor is not wide enough for the kids, then you can use it as your personal home office. It doesn’t require spacious place, and you can make it into a minimalist home office.

Bonus Room for Gym

Bonus Room Ideas

Now you can save more money when you have small gym in your house. Good by gym membership – your bonus room for exercise will keep you healthy every day. Not only you, but the whole family now can join the drill.

Craft Room for Bonus Room

Craft Room

You can turn the small space on the back of the room to be a place where you can do your hobby peacefully. A craft room with personal home office in the corner will give you seamless workflow.

Small Studio At Home

Music Practice Space

For some families, they have a wonderful music talent in their bloods. If you think so, then you can use the bonus room as a music practice space where you can dedicate your time and energy for this hobby.

Relaxing Living Room

 Living Room

Sometimes you need a special place where you can enjoy ‘me-time’ after a long day at work. A relaxing living room sounds good for the bonus room in the house. You just need to set a cozy living room with long sofa and more pillows to relax.

Bonus Room beside the Garage

Bonus Room Ideas

The bonus room beside the garage would be very useful if you make it into a TV, family room, or another living room. A small setup with colorful palette and dice-shaped table would give a contemporary look and add the relaxing atmosphere.

Adolescent Bonus Room Style

Room Ideas for Teenagers

We need to understand that adolescent needs extra space during their phase. This is a place where they can feel free, safe, and express their feelings and emotions. You can build a customize bonus room for teenagers with comfy L-sofa and huge TV screen.

Traditional and Contemporary Asian Style Bonus Room

Traditional Asian Style

If you have no idea what to do with the bonus room, you can steal this look, a blend of traditional and contemporary Asian style bonus room that looks exquisite and minimalist at the same time. It also emphasizes the wooden texture for the whole area.

Eye-catching Playroom for Kids in the Attic


Another attic bonus room for kids’ playroom, but this time comes in a beautiful arrangement with soft-blue color and orange tone that emphasizes the wooden texture. Use extra storage and wall shelves so the kids have more spaces for their toys.

Men’s Game Room

Game Room

It’s not just the kid, men also need a personal space where they can channel their inner soul, the men’s game room – a complete set with the pool table and a giant TV screen to watch football with the boys. Play with the lighting system to create masculine ambience.

More Bedrooms in the Bonus Room

Bedroom Ideas

Last but not least, you can turn you house into a small hostel by using the bonus room and turn it into more bedrooms. This is a great way if you live near the famous tourist spot as you can rent it over to the visitors.


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