10+ Dreamy Birthday Cake Ideas Your Kid Will Beg for More

As parents, you undoubtedly want to give the best for your kids. When it comes to birthday party, giving a dreamy birthday cake with lovely theme and decoration is one of ways to make yourself the best parents. Are you looking for birthday cake ideas that will make your kids scream?

You have come to the right place. Below, you are about to find 10+ beautiful and cute birthday cake inspirations to make kid’s birthday party more festive. Don’t be so surprised if your kids will beg for another birthday cake. Check this out!

1. Ice Cream Drip Cake

Drip Cake

Every child loves ice cream and birthday cake. How about combining both of them? Ice cream drip cake with edible glitters will be the best present for a girl’s birthday. Nobody can resist the sweetness of this tall birthday cake with ice cream cone on its top.

2. Rainbow Layers Cake

Layers Cake

A colorful rainbow cake will make a birthday party more memorable. Rainbow cake with white fondant and colorful drops is a simple yet beautiful birthday cake ever! Candy sticks atop the cake add sweetness to this treat. White serving table is a good choice for the best presentation. You can also put some candles on it.

3. Stunning Butterfly Cake

Butterfly Cake

Butterfly cake makes your little girl screams enthusiastically in her birthday party. A butterfly cake with colorful wings and candle looks adorable for a special moment. Candies and glitters make this birthday cake looks adorable, not to mention the sweet taste that makes it a perfect choice for the sweet tooth. Interestingly, this birthday cake is pretty easy to make by yourself.

4. Birthday Cake Crispy Rice Treats

Crispy Rice Treats

For grown up kids, rice crispy birthday cake makes a great choice. Its crunchy textures blends with the sweetness of cream topping in your mouth. You can top it with colorful chocolate sprinkles and candles that make it looks like a real birthday cake. If you are bored with usual cake and want a unique birthday treat, this can be a good option to go.

5. Caramel Whipped Cream Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate lovers should get this caramel birthday cake on their special days. The mixture of whipped cream and loads of chocolate indulge your taste buds. Creamy texture of the whipped cream blends with the sweetness of chocolate cake and toppings. A small portion of this birthday cake is enough to satisfy your appetite.

6. Bee-utifully Sweet Spring Honey Cake

Spring Honey Cake

Honey birthday cake ideas are sweet to your mouth and eyes. This cute birthday cake with honey layer comes with lovely bee characters on its surroundings. White chocolate that covers this dome cake melts in your mouth, making you want more and more portion. To get the best taste, drizzle the cake with pure honey.

7. Giant Donut Cake

Donut Cake

This giant donut can be the best treat for your kid’s birthday. Chocolate cake with strawberry layer and colorful sprinkles looks simple but tastes wonderful. This cake is rich of chocolate that will satisfy your craving. You can add candies, candles or other toppings to make this donut birthday cake more beautiful and mouthwatering.

8. Candy Cake

Candy Cake

Candy cake doubles your fun! The mixture of flavorful birthday cake and colorful candies makes your kids beg for more birthday party the next day. Assorted candies used in this cake creates a wonderful feeling with different tastes and sensation. Top it with small candles to make it a real birthday cake.

9. Marshmallow Cake

Marshmallow Cake

Enjoy the sweetness of marshmallow topping on this marshmallow birthday cake. It may look simple but the sweet taste will make your birthday more memorable. The chewy marshmallow blends with sweet soft sponge cake in your mouth, making you feel guilty for eating more and more pieces.

10. Pinata Cake

Pinata Cake

Inspired by piñata, this birthday cake comes with loads of candies inside. The spherical cake with white frosting and colorful sprinkles will give a surprise to your kids. You can fill the cake with assorted candies. When cutting the cake, the colorful candies will flood your serving table.

11. Monster Eye Cake

birthday cake ideas

Eye cake may be a perfect choice for Halloween but your birthday kid can also get this treat. The eye decorations are made of Oreo cookies and chocolate candies. The simple concept makes this cake suitable for adults.

12. Construction Cake

birthday cake ideas

Pamper your builder boy with this construction cake. This is an inspiring birthday cake idea with edible backhoe, realistic black sand and stones that make it looks real. At a glance, this cake may look messy but you can get the idea of construction theme after the second look.

13. Balloon Topper Cake

Topper Cake

Birthday cake ideas with balloon toppers looks great for your tots. Colorful balloons decorates the plain cake, making it a sweet treat for the birthday kids. To make it more festive, you can also sprinkle a pinch of glitters or assorted candies on its surface.


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