13 Most Popular Basement Ceiling Ideas for 2020

The good old days, the basement was a place where people used as extra storage space. That was where we kept the bikes during the winter, all the mechanical tools, and even the wreck sofa. But as for now, the basement turns into something different because people use it as additional living room, laundry room, kids’ bedroom, or even a new place where you can enjoy refreshing drink after work thanks to the personal bar.

If you change the basement into one of those rooms, then you need different ceiling settings that match the function of the room. Here, we have a list of basement ceiling ideas to maximize your creativity decorating the basement!

Go Traditional with All Wood Basement Ceiling

 All Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

It is okay if you want to make it simple and traditional by choosing all wood ceilings on the basement. This one can be a hidden cottage where you can lay down on there during the day offs. The wood ceiling also adds its coziness.

Bookshelf Basement Ceiling for Teenage Room

Basement Ceiling Bookshelf

When you turn the basement into teenager’s bedroom, you can maximize every space so you can take advantage out of it, including the ceiling. You can use it as a small compartment where the teenage can store their books collection.

Upside-down Pallet Wood Basement Ceiling

Basement Ceiling Ideas

We used to think that pallet wood is only suitable for flooring. But you can turn it upside down and use it for the basement ceiling. It is like a different world under there because now your basement has unique ceilings.

Coffee Shop-like Basement Ceiling Style

Unique Basement Ceiling Idea

It is up to you to decide the ceiling settings on the basement. You can try this unique and modern styled ceiling that makes your basement looks like one of those coffee shops you used to hang out in the mall.

Elegant Black Industrial Basement Ceiling

Black Industrial Basement Ceiling Ideas

Some people use their basement as home office. For this one, the black industrial ceiling style is suitable as it gives you room in the upper area and provide a better airflow. It also looks elegant when the night comes!

Modern Black Splash Tiles for Basement Ceiling

basement ceiling ideas

When others go old, you can be the one that comes up with more contemporary touch on the ceiling of the basement. Use the black kitchen backsplash tiles to cover the ceiling and create a more modern look under there.

Lavish 5-Stars Hotel Basement Ceiling

Cool Basement Ceiling Idea

Who thought you can turn your basement as lavish as 5-stars hotel? You can make it happen by creating impressive ceiling ideas like this and turn the basement into a personal bar that will blow every guest that go there.

Stone Brick Medieval Basement Ceiling

Stone Brick Basement Ceiling Ideas

Another nature-like basement ceiling ideas that you can try is this beautiful stone brick basement ceiling style that will bring the medieval atmosphere. You can combine the brick on the ceiling with natural stones on the wall that will complement each other.

Simple Grid Wood Basement Ceiling Style

Grid Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

Something simple yet beautiful for the basement ceiling is this 2×2 meters grid wood with in-wall lightning that is suitable for minimalist basement design. It is also affordable because the wood materials are easy to make and install.

Basement Mini Bar Ceiling Idea

Basement Bar Ceiling Idea

When you use the basement as a mini bar, you don’t need to change the whole basement ceiling. This one looks elegant and simple with wood planks that blend with the wooden bar cabinets. It is space-saving and minimalist.

Mix and Match Basement Ceiling Painting

Small Basement Ceiling Painting

If you have no idea what to do with the basement ceiling and don’t have intention to install new ceiling, you just need to re-paint it to give a fresher look. Mix and match the color to create beautiful wall-to-ceiling pattern.

Plywood Basement Ceiling

Basement Ceiling Ideas

The plywood is popular item for any interior design, start from flooring to ceiling. The plywood is also affordable and flexible because it gives minimalist, luxury, and manages to adorn every room. Now you can use it as the basement ceiling too.


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